+ Do you have what it takes to be an FCF Model?

There’s far more to being a model than just good looks… Before you apply, it’s important to ask yourself why you want to be an adult model. Once you’ve done this you can then move onto the next step.
Do you have that “spark”, the type of personality that transcends onto the video screen and makes viewers feel invited to spend time with you? Do you have that smoldering sexuality, or an approachable vulnerability? If you think you do, and if you have energy, enthusiasm, and are ready to give a great performance each and every time, we encourage you to apply as you may have a chance at becoming a top model.

+ Why should you let FCF Modeling Agency represent you?

FCF Modeling Agency has a large database of industry contacts that allows us to offer our models the best exposure at top professional studios. We take care of all bookings, saving considerable amounts of time and efforts that independent models might otherwise waist when looking for work. FCF Modeling Agency offers models comfortable, convenient, and secure services that are reliable and professional.
Other services that FCF Agency offers include:

Negotiation of payments and working conditions;
Guidance and training from top industry professionals who will help you mold and form your modeling career, booth financially and professionally;
Constant care and respect of models when booking and negotiating new work assignments.
Our services and professionalism allows models to be confident in knowing that they are going to a safe assignment with a professional business. FCF Modeling Agency is an adult modeling agency that is fully licensed by the State of California and has an outstanding reputation for ethical business practices. We conduct our business in a legal and aboveboard manner; all of our records and licenses are available for inspection.

+ What kind of work will you be offered?

FCF Modeling Agency represents female and male models for adult entertainment work assignments in video, print, and online media. We are only interested in booking you for modeling assignments that fit within YOUR limitations as defined by you in your Application and Model Profile. At no time will we contact you for modeling work that you have not agreed to do. You may contact us to update your Model Profile to include or exclude certain types of modeling work at any time.

+ Will you be required to travel?

Yes, travelling will be required unless you happen to live in the city where the production is located. The best producers book their actors and crew weeks in advance and follow production schedules that are created months in advance as well. A successful booking will depend on your availability when the offer is made to you.

+ Where you stay when you travel, and what about expenses?

Each studio has their own policies; however, you should never be required to pay for your own hotel, meals, or transportation expenses. These arrangements are usually made for you and are paid for by the hiring studio. FCF Modeling Agency can negotiate some of the conditions as your representative.